Next Generation Private Cloud

Passwords app for Private Cloud

The Passwords app in the Nextcloud App store allows you to store your passwords safely with MyPrivateCloud/Nextcloud.

The intuitive and modern web interface of the app makes it easy to update and add new passwords from anywhere. Included security checks help you to keep your online accounts safe and up-to-date. You can also share passwords with other users.

The Passwords app gets installed in your MyPrivateCloud/Nextcloud instance.

You can get more information on the Password Manager in the Nextcloud App store here.

The Password Manager is one of our favorite apps to recommend to clients managing their computers or other accounts that require user IDs, account names, etc…

Password Manager in MyPrivateCloud/Nextcloud benefits:

  • Passwords stores passwords encrypted on your private server
  • No recurring fees
  • Easily share or move passwords
  • Easy to use on your computer, phone or mobile device

Enter passwords in to the Passwords app to keep track of passwords in a secure database accessible only to you from a web browser using encryption.

  • Share passwords with QR Codes

  • Share passwords with users without exposing them in e-mail